Dog Snuggie Extravaganza

Good news to all our loyal dog snugggie readers, and their canine companions. We’ve recently been voted as a finalist for the   illustrious “Best Dog Snuggie Site” by the AKC (not to be confused with the American Kennel Club , this is another AKC organization you’ve probably never heard of). To celebrate our newfound celebrity status as the leader in all things dog snuggie-related, we are throwing a “Snuggie Bash”, and you are invited.

Check your mail in the upcoming week, on February 15th we will be having a full day party at an undisclosed location. Your personalized snuggie invitation is already in the mail, once you receive it, grab your warmest slanket (it might get cold), your loyal 4-legged friend, and of course, a large selection of dog snuggies for him to wear at the party. We promise this festival will be the greatest experience of your dog snuggie-oriented little life!

Getting the best price on your Dog Snuggie

With all the recent hype about snuggies for pet dogs, it’s no wonder that insatiable demand for the latest in dog outerwear has results in skyrocketing prices, especially for high-end slankets.

Any time pricing for a popular item rises during increased demand, people and their pets are going to look harder for the best deals, and the dog snuggie market is no different. While custom bespoke snuggies from the finest tailors in London may be a bit out of yours and Spot’s price range, the amount of online competition provides some sweetheart discounts if you know where to look.

For some people, a search on popular auction sites like Ebay serves to give them the discounts they want, although the quality can vary greatly. Others turn to Amazon, still the world leader in affordable priced dog-wear, to fulfill their needs. Others look to popular dog snuggie sites like this one for the latest in pricing. For those of us for whom cost is no factor when it comes the the hottest in dog fashion, a trip to Paris or Milan is in order to locate the finest cashmere, silk, and custom-tailor dog snuggie-wear.

We decided to poll our readers, and see where they go to get the best deals and selection for their demanding snuggie needs. Post your favorite auction website, or flea market and share with other loyal dog owners your best tips

Get your dog snuggie pictures in this week

Just as a status update on our “Dog Snuggie Photo Contest”, we’ve been getting alot of great submissions from all our loyal readers and their dogs. The deadline for submitting your entry is Next Wednesday.

We will probably let all snuggie participants cast a vote for the top 2 dog pictures, and the winners will be getting some great prizes. Loyal reader Grindstone has promised to personally bedazzle a lovely purple crushed-velvet snuggie (Size small) with the name of the winning dog’s owner, and user “teatree” has promised to write a personalized Snuggie poem in honor of the 2nd place winner.

In case you are still wondering “What picture of my dog in a snuggie should I submit, I have thousands?”, never fear, we have some solid advice for you. Make sure the image is well-focused, especially for action shots. Make sure the high-quality and craftsmanship of your snuggie is evident in the photo, nobody wants to look like they didn’t’ love their dog enough to spend a little money on a high-quality snuggie. Most importantly, we can’t stress the important of getting your photos done by a trained professional. Choose someone that specializes in wedding photography or political dinner shoots, someone that will drastically over-charge you to take a few snapshots of your pet dressed-up in all his slanketed-glory.

Stay tuned for even more exciting snuggie information this week!

Snuggie Anniversary!

I want to thank all my loyal snuggie readers (and their dogs too of course) for all your support over the last 16 days. I invite all of you to celebrate my 2-week “dog snuggie anniversary”. There will be cake in the break room, and all dogs get an extra treat during lunch time.

I’m so emotional I can barely type, it seems like only last week that my dreams of becoming a player in the dog snuggie world were just that, dreams. Now, thanks to the support of my dog, your dogs, and all of you little people that like to play dress-up with your pet, I stand here today a much happier person, and I owe it all to dog snuggies.

A special snuggie video for all of you:

snuggie of the dogs, for a cat


Lucky’s First Snuggie: Part II

 This is the continuation of the touching story of Brenda and Lucky’s entry into the amazing world of dog snuggies.

I have to admit, I was excited, but a little nervous, staring at my first dog snuggie on the computer screen. Could it really be that easy? Could a dog snuggie really be the key to not having to spray Lucky with the fire extinguisher on most cold nights? I quickly took out my debit card, clicked a few buttons, and placed my very first snuggie order.

I frantically checked the mailbox every day for the next 3 days, with no success. Just as I was starting to lose hope, there it was on the fourth day: a simple brown package with my address handwritten in tiny cursive letters, and a return address of the snuggie seller I had ordered from what seemed like an eternity before.

Hands trembling, I tore open the packaging and there it was: Lucky’s snuggie. Dazzling blue, made of thin fleece and proudly displaying a “Made in Taiwan” sticker. I tore off the tag, quickly cornered Lucky in the dining room (he had been watching me unwrap the snuggie with growing suspicion and resentment in his eyes), and pinned him down with my knees while pulling the Snuggie over his head as he growled furiously. After a few minutes of struggling, some hurt feelings, and a lot of blood, I finally had my dog stuffed into his new snuggie. Despite his sad whining and attempts to tear the thing off with his two remaining teeth, I knew at long-last that I had found the perfect gift to keep him warm at nights and out of the Vet clinic’s doggie burn-unit; his brand new blue dog snuggie.

My Dog’s first Snuggie: A Love Story

This heartwarming tale was submitted by one of our loyal readers, Brenda. We hope it will serve as a cherished reminder to all of you of just how truly important dog snuggies are in your little lives.

“So my loyal companion, Lucky, was starting to get up in years a bit. He had been a faithful pet, wanting nothing more to spend his days curled up by the fireplace, happily gnawing on expensive furniture and designer shoes. As he got older, he became depressed. He stopped chewing up expensive crap, and was always cold to the point where I often had to rescue him from the fireplace when he crawled too close and his hair lit on fire. Burning Labrador is not a pleasant scent, and the frequent burnings seemed to only worsen Lucky’s depression.

One day, while searching for dog antidepressants on various suspicious pet meds sites that were referred to me by unsolicited emails I get (that I always read, you never know when there will be a great deal), I saw a picture of a dog wearing a gorgeous outfit, smiling broadly while decked out in bright blue polyester. This was my first exposure to a dog snuggie, and it began me and Lucky’s wonderful journey back to a life of happiness..”

*Stay tuned tomorrow for Part II of Lucky and Brenda’s courageous snuggie story.

Proper Snuggie Fit for Your Dog: A Guide

As the cold winds blow from the North, and the deep chill of winter sets in, your dog has likely started spending a lot more time in his favorite warm snuggie. With their heavier winter coat (the fur kind, not the brightly colored, made in Korea, fleece kind), your dog’s snuggie may fit a bit more “snuggly” than he is used to.  Add to that the additional table scraps your best friend has no doubt been gorging on from holiday feasts, and you have a perfect storm for the serious problem of TTDS (Too-tight Dog Snuggie).

You’re probably asking yourself, how do I make sure my dog’s snuggie has the proper fit, without having to go shop for a new snuggie in a larger size? One possible answer is to simply shave your dog. This removes some of the excess layer that is causing the tighter fit, with the added bonus of removing his natural protection against the elements. Thus, your dog is far more likely to want to wear his stylish snuggie constantly, to avoid freezing to death. you get to show off the designer snuggie you purchased more often, and your pet begins to accept the fact that he will be shown off in public wearing garishly colored garments for the rest of his natural life; a win-win.

For those that don’t want to, or can’t, shave their dog (ever tried to take clippers to a short-haired pit bull with little natural fur, and a taste for human flesh? didn’t think so) there are some other options. By simply soaking your dog in warm water prior to the application of his snuggie, he should slide right in even if he has added a few extra ounces around the midsection. This also give you an excuse (as if you need one) to blow-dry your shivering pooch once he is firmly tucked into his adorable yellow-striped sailor’s outfit.

Whatever method you choose to combat TTDS, rest assured that leaving an animal to suffer in an ill-fitting snuggie is no laughing matter. You owe your dog the absolute best in snuggie-wearing experiences, so make sure the fit is right.

Snuggie Contest for Members

So here at Dog Snuggie headquarters (a palatial 20,000 square foot marble and mahogany castle overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge and Central Park) our dedicated staff of 9 (4 human, 5 dog) decided we needed to do something to reward all our loyal readers (both of you) for your years of support, so we came up with the idea of a dog snuggie contest.

So, from now until midnight of March 15th, 2012 send in your cutest pic of your dog rocking the latest in snuggie outerwear. We don’t want to see grainy, out-of-focus shots taken in bad lighting either. If you’re going to win this contest, you have to do it right. Take your dog to the local mall, schedule a sit-down at one of those photo studios people use for family portraits to send to Grandma so she doesn’t remove them from her Will, and get a full portfolio of glamour shots done. Poses in front of a roaring fire, dressed for prom, rescuing downed Marines with a helicopter in the jungle, etc. Your picture has to show your dog rocking his snuggie in a way that makes you proud (and creeps out the guy working at the photo studio). No late submissions will be accepted either, so grab your dog, his best-looking snuggies, and get moving.

Bosco, proudly showing off his military look


Everything You Want to Know About Dog Snuggies, but Were Too Afraid to Ask

Dog Snuggies. Do those two words bring to mind visions of happily yipping terriers in their cardigans, contented Dobermans stretched out by the fireplace in tight fitting camo colored knit snuggies, or excited chihuahuas basking in the early morning sun in stylish pink slankets, with matching sunglasses, tail warmers, and other assorted doggie clothing?

If so, consider yourself fortunate, you are probably already a dog snuggie afficianado. If so, consider this website the next step in your journey of learning all you can about the wonders of “Snuggifying” your dog, while keeping an eye out for value and the best pricing on the latest in doggie couture. Your expertise in dog snuggies is obviously well-deserved, and your loyal pet undoubtedly appreciates all you do to keep him fashionable in the latest snuggie fashion.

But what about those of us who break into a cold sweat at the mention of the words “dog snuggies”? For some, shopping for the proper snuggie for their beloved pet can be an exercise in frustration, with fears and worries crowding out what is supposed to be an enjoyable Snuggie experience. What if I get ripped off by a counterfeit dog snuggie? What if that gorgeous green snuggie I picked out online doesn’t match Spike’s eyes when he first puts it on? What if, (heaven forbid) my neighbors don’t understand how cool dog snuggies actually are, and ridicule my new purchase as I proudly walk my Siberian Huskie down the street dressed like Prince from the Purple Rain video in his lovely new custom-tailored silk snuggie? For many of us, those fears detract from what should be a positive dog snuggie experience.

If this describes you and your concerns as you timidly step into the dog snuggie world, never fear. Our website is devoted to helping you overcome your fears as you join the thousands (ok, maybe dozens) of loyal Dog Snuggie visitors. Welcome to your new home, feel free to browse around, share the site with your dog and loved ones. When you come to this Snuggie site, you and your dog are always treated like family.

Hello World…of Dog Snuggies

So, you landed here because you need to learn more about Dog Snuggies, right?  Good news, this Snuggie site is your one-stop shop for all things related to dog snuggies, fashionable canine outerwear, and just about anything that has to do with finding a blanket with sleeves for man’s best friend.

So feel free to browse around , look at pictures of cute mutts in slankets, leave a comment raving about how this dog snuggie site changed your life for the better. Remember, its not the size of the snuggie that matters, its how cool your dog looks wearing it that counts.