Dog Snuggie Extravaganza

Good news to all our loyal dog snugggie readers, and their canine companions. We've recently been voted as a finalist for the   illustrious "Best Dog Snuggie Site" by the AKC (not to be confused with the American Kennel Club , this is another AKC organization you've probably never heard of). To celebrate our newfound celebrity status as the leader in all things dog snuggie-related, we are throwing a "Snuggie Bash", and you are invited.

Check your mail in the upcoming week, on February 15th we will be having a full day party at an undisclosed location. Your personalized snuggie invitation is already in the mail, once you receive it, grab your warmest slanket (it might get cold), your loyal 4-legged friend, and of course, a large selection of dog snuggies for him to wear at the party. We promise this festival will be the greatest experience of your dog snuggie-oriented little life!