Everything You Want to Know About Dog Snuggies, but Were Too Afraid to Ask

Dog Snuggies. Do those two words bring to mind visions of happily yipping terriers in their cardigans, contented Dobermans stretched out by the fireplace in tight fitting camo colored knit snuggies, or excited chihuahuas basking in the early morning sun in stylish pink slankets, with matching sunglasses, tail warmers, and other assorted doggie clothing?

If so, consider yourself fortunate, you are probably already a dog snuggie afficianado. If so, consider this website the next step in your journey of learning all you can about the wonders of "Snuggifying" your dog, while keeping an eye out for value and the best pricing on the latest in doggie couture. Your expertise in dog snuggies is obviously well-deserved, and your loyal pet undoubtedly appreciates all you do to keep him fashionable in the latest snuggie fashion.

But what about those of us who break into a cold sweat at the mention of the words "dog snuggies"? For some, shopping for the proper snuggie for their beloved pet can be an exercise in frustration, with fears and worries crowding out what is supposed to be an enjoyable Snuggie experience. What if I get ripped off by a counterfeit dog snuggie? What if that gorgeous green snuggie I picked out online doesn't match Spike's eyes when he first puts it on? What if, (heaven forbid) my neighbors don't understand how cool dog snuggies actually are, and ridicule my new purchase as I proudly walk my Siberian Huskie down the street dressed like Prince from the Purple Rain video in his lovely new custom-tailored silk snuggie? For many of us, those fears detract from what should be a positive dog snuggie experience.

If this describes you and your concerns as you timidly step into the dog snuggie world, never fear. Our website is devoted to helping you overcome your fears as you join the thousands (ok, maybe dozens) of loyal Dog Snuggie visitors. Welcome to your new home, feel free to browse around, share the site with your dog and loved ones. When you come to this Snuggie site, you and your dog are always treated like family.