Get your dog snuggie pictures in this week

Just as a status update on our "Dog Snuggie Photo Contest", we've been getting alot of great submissions from all our loyal readers and their dogs. The deadline for submitting your entry is Next Wednesday.

We will probably let all snuggie participants cast a vote for the top 2 dog pictures, and the winners will be getting some great prizes. Loyal reader Grindstone has promised to personally bedazzle a lovely purple crushed-velvet snuggie (Size small) with the name of the winning dog's owner, and user "teatree" has promised to write a personalized Snuggie poem in honor of the 2nd place winner.

In case you are still wondering "What picture of my dog in a snuggie should I submit, I have thousands?", never fear, we have some solid advice for you. Make sure the image is well-focused, especially for action shots. Make sure the high-quality and craftsmanship of your snuggie is evident in the photo, nobody wants to look like they didn't' love their dog enough to spend a little money on a high-quality snuggie. Most importantly, we can't stress the important of getting your photos done by a trained professional. Choose someone that specializes in wedding photography or political dinner shoots, someone that will drastically over-charge you to take a few snapshots of your pet dressed-up in all his slanketed-glory.

Stay tuned for even more exciting snuggie information this week!