Getting the best price on your Dog Snuggie

With all the recent hype about snuggies for pet dogs, it's no wonder that insatiable demand for the latest in dog outerwear has results in skyrocketing prices, especially for high-end slankets.

Any time pricing for a popular item rises during increased demand, people and their pets are going to look harder for the best deals, and the dog snuggie market is no different. While custom bespoke snuggies from the finest tailors in London may be a bit out of yours and Spot's price range, the amount of online competition provides some sweetheart discounts if you know where to look.

For some people, a search on popular auction sites like Ebay serves to give them the discounts they want, although the quality can vary greatly. Others turn to Amazon, still the world leader in affordable priced dog-wear, to fulfill their needs. Others look to popular dog snuggie sites like this one for the latest in pricing. For those of us for whom cost is no factor when it comes the the hottest in dog fashion, a trip to Paris or Milan is in order to locate the finest cashmere, silk, and custom-tailor dog snuggie-wear.

We decided to poll our readers, and see where they go to get the best deals and selection for their demanding snuggie needs. Post your favorite auction website, or flea market and share with other loyal dog owners your best tips