Lucky's First Snuggie: Part II

 This is the continuation of the touching story of Brenda and Lucky's entry into the amazing world of dog snuggies.

I have to admit, I was excited, but a little nervous, staring at my first dog snuggie on the computer screen. Could it really be that easy? Could a dog snuggie really be the key to not having to spray Lucky with the fire extinguisher on most cold nights? I quickly took out my debit card, clicked a few buttons, and placed my very first snuggie order.

I frantically checked the mailbox every day for the next 3 days, with no success. Just as I was starting to lose hope, there it was on the fourth day: a simple brown package with my address handwritten in tiny cursive letters, and a return address of the snuggie seller I had ordered from what seemed like an eternity before.

Hands trembling, I tore open the packaging and there it was: Lucky's snuggie. Dazzling blue, made of thin fleece and proudly displaying a "Made in Taiwan" sticker. I tore off the tag, quickly cornered Lucky in the dining room (he had been watching me unwrap the snuggie with growing suspicion and resentment in his eyes), and pinned him down with my knees while pulling the Snuggie over his head as he growled furiously. After a few minutes of struggling, some hurt feelings, and a lot of blood, I finally had my dog stuffed into his new snuggie. Despite his sad whining and attempts to tear the thing off with his two remaining teeth, I knew at long-last that I had found the perfect gift to keep him warm at nights and out of the Vet clinic's doggie burn-unit; his brand new blue dog snuggie.