Proper Snuggie Fit for Your Dog: A Guide

As the cold winds blow from the North, and the deep chill of winter sets in, your dog has likely started spending a lot more time in his favorite warm snuggie. With their heavier winter coat (the fur kind, not the brightly colored, made in Korea, fleece kind), your dog"s snuggie may fit a bit more "snuggly" than he is used to.  Add to that the additional table scraps your best friend has no doubt been gorging on from holiday feasts, and you have a perfect storm for the serious problem of TTDS (Too-tight Dog Snuggie).

You"re probably asking yourself, how do I make sure my dog"s snuggie has the proper fit, without having to go shop for a new snuggie in a larger size? One possible answer is to simply shave your dog. This removes some of the excess layer that is causing the tighter fit, with the added bonus of removing his natural protection against the elements. Thus, your dog is far more likely to want to wear his stylish snuggie constantly, to avoid freezing to death. you get to show off the designer snuggie you purchased more often, and your pet begins to accept the fact that he will be shown off in public wearing garishly colored garments for the rest of his natural life; a win-win.

For those that don"t want to, or can"t, shave their dog (ever tried to take clippers to a short-haired pit bull with little natural fur, and a taste for human flesh? didn"t think so) there are some other options. By simply soaking your dog in warm water prior to the application of his snuggie, he should slide right in even if he has added a few extra ounces around the midsection. This also give you an excuse (as if you need one) to blow-dry your shivering pooch once he is firmly tucked into his adorable yellow-striped sailor"s outfit.

Whatever method you choose to combat TTDS, rest assured that leaving an animal to suffer in an ill-fitting snuggie is no laughing matter. You owe your dog the absolute best in snuggie-wearing experiences, so make sure the fit is right.