Snuggie Contest for Members

So here at Dog Snuggie headquarters (a palatial 20,000 square foot marble and mahogany castle overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge and Central Park) our dedicated staff of 9 (4 human, 5 dog) decided we needed to do something to reward all our loyal readers (both of you) for your years of support, so we came up with the idea of a dog snuggie contest.

So, from now until midnight of March 15th, 2012 send in your cutest pic of your dog rocking the latest in snuggie outerwear. We don't want to see grainy, out-of-focus shots taken in bad lighting either. If you're going to win this contest, you have to do it right. Take your dog to the local mall, schedule a sit-down at one of those photo studios people use for family portraits to send to Grandma so she doesn't remove them from her Will, and get a full portfolio of glamour shots done. Poses in front of a roaring fire, dressed for prom, rescuing downed Marines with a helicopter in the jungle, etc. Your picture has to show your dog rocking his snuggie in a way that makes you proud (and creeps out the guy working at the photo studio). No late submissions will be accepted either, so grab your dog, his best-looking snuggies, and get moving.

Bosco Snuggie

Bosco, proudly showing off his military look